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  • Mira Sun is a foreign legal consultant of Hankyul Law Firm in Seoul, Korea. 

    Her practice includes advising domestic and foreign corporations on international and transnational commercial transactions, intellectual property rights, cross-border merger & acquisition, foreign direct investment, real estate, and international commercial litigation.  She also serves as a board member of the Korea Human Rights Foundation and as an expert volunteer advisor to the National Human Rights Commission while providing pro bono consultations to various

    non-governmental organizations on the federal and state (NY) laws of the U.S.

    Mira Sun received her B.A. and Ph.D. from Korea University; M.A from Cal State University in Bakersfield; and J.D. from City University of New York.  Her previous appointments include: Full-time Instructor, Korea Air Force Academy; Senior Advisor, U.S. Information Service in Seoul; Adjunct Professor, Sookmyung Women’s University; Associate, Yi, Cho & Brunstein; Board member, YWCA Queens (New York City); and Secretary for Overseas Communication to former President Roh Moo-hyun.

  • 약력 및 경력
  • 1981
    고려대학교 문과대학 영문학과 졸업
  • 1984
    California State University, Bakersfield 대학원 졸업 (영문학 석사)
  • 1986 ~ 1990
    공군사관학교 전임 강사
  • 1992 ~ 1999
    주한미국공보원 상임 고문
  • 1995
    고려대학교 대학원 졸업 (미국문학 박사)
  • 1997 ~ 1999
    숙명여자대학교 겸직 교수
  • 2002
    City University of New York School of Law 졸업 (J.D.)
  • 2003
    미국 뉴욕주 변호사 자격 취득
  • 2003 ~ 2004
    Yi Cho & Brunstein 변호사
  • 2005 ~ 2007
    대통령 비서실 해외언론비서관
  • 2007 ~ 2009
    국제교류재단 이사
  • 2009 ~ 현재
    한국인권재단 이사
  • 저서
  • “미국 라이선스 계약 법률실무”, ㈜로앤비 주관 강의 (2008~2011)
  • ‘미국의 군 복무 중 사망사고 조사과정 및 비전투 사망자와 유가족 예우 연구’ 군의문사진상규명위원회 연구용역 보고서 (2007)
  • Co-Compiler, ‘US-China Lawyers Society Collected Papers. US China Lawyers Society, (2002)